Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boras to Redsocks: "You Bunch of Puffers!"

While reading the aftermath of the Mark Teixeira press conference today, I came across this funny little tidbit on Tony Assarotti's blog on The Boston Gammons Globe webpage.

Turns out after the TV cameras were shut off, Super Agent Scott Boras made this comment to a group of scribes:

Question: "Were the Red Sox strung along?"

S.B.: "I think whenever you represent a free agent player and he signs somewhere, part of the process is one where everyone is going to say they were strung along. Obviously, in my business, you're either called a shopper or a puffer; one of the two, you're going to be labeled with."

I'm sorry, but did he just refer to the Red Sox Front Office, and for that matter, the entire organization and all of Red Sox County, as 'puffers'?
(No, I did not misspell 'Country', I called them 'County')
Great Scott, what can I ask is it that Theo and Co. are 'puffin'?

Got to love that crazy Scott Boras, the agent that keeps on giving...


Anonymous said...

They're a bunch of fupping kuffers.

Yankee Shamus said...

Check your email, Duque!

Anonymous said...

I think it's spelled "poofters."

Anonymous said...

The comments on the article are hilarious.

A lot of repressed frustration is vented.

Kind of like the kid who doesn't get his Ranger Rick for Christmas and whines that he never wanted anyway. ..and it sucks anyway. ...and nobody wants those, they never were any good, etc., etc.