Friday, January 9, 2009

A Lifetime of Memories...Own The Greatness

So we had pretty much finished removing all the corn stalks and winter wheat from our "prime" field in the South Mexican Dirt field League, when I removed myself from said manual labor and settled into the Cantina.

Those of you who have ever been in a position of trying to avoid certain people will recognize that it is a rather common function of such establishments to receive mail and messages ( but no phone calls) for regular patrons.
Fortunately, this includes myself.

If one's "consumption " tab is sufficiently large, there is no charge. But I do tip well.

So yesterday the barkeepess ( Rosa ) hands me this envelope with the NY Yankee logo and Yankee stadium address on the front. Inside was my personal invitation to purchase, " A Lifetime of Memories " at the new Yankee stadium.

I quote : " These are quite simply the greatest seats in the world, combining unparalleled seat locations, proximity and views with enhanced amenities and service, resulting in unforgettable game day experiences."

Imagine that.

Benefits include; " Exclusive access to private Clubs and Lounges; Preferred parking; private Stadium entrance,; premium food and beverage options and service; and wide cushioned style seats."

The envelope is adorned with an uncancelled, "Yankee Stadium" 32 cent first class, pre-sorted stamp ( for collectors ).

So here is my offer: any member of the IIH,IIF,IIc community at large ( writers, owners, readers, tipsters, jokers, artists, film-makers and current or future members of AA ) may bid to acquire my opportunity to purchase said seats for the full season, or for 41 and 20 game offerings.

This offer represents my South Mexican Dirt Field League hedge on a " once in a lifetime opportunity " to "Own The Greatness ( another Yankee phrase ). We are trying to make a name for ourselves down here, and our unique brand ( and quality ) of ball. So we need the money.

All bids should be submitted via the blog and must be made in Pesos. The winning bid will also own all rights to the uncancelled stamp.

Closing deadline on bids is immediately after the Giants/Eagles game this Sunday.


Anonymous said...


That's incredibly gracious of you. But I just don't see how you can possibly turn down a personal invitation like that.

Was it handwritten? Did it have the little wax thingy on the envelope?

Cowgirl-Up said...

I'll mail it to you so it can be photo-shopped onto the blog.

I ordered the SMDFL tee shirt !!!

Great work.

Fonzy ( posing as Cowgirl UP )