Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Manny and Happy Days

(Note: El Duque's posted another logical, well-written open letter to Manny Ramirez imploring him to give the Yankees a wink and a nod. Problem is, El Duque's been writing open letters to a guy who might not be able to read them. So here goes nuthin')

Dear Manny,

This is Manny in Boston.

You wore a blue hat. It had a red letter "B" on it.

Manny was not happy in Boston.

Manny was sad.

Some bad people said bad things about Manny in Boston.

Remember the bad things?

This is Manny in New York.

See how happy Manny is in New York?

New York is a nice city. It is very big.

The people there will give Manny lots of money.

Money makes Manny very happy.

Manny wants to go to New York to see all the happy people with lots of money.

Manny, tell Mr. Scott that Manny wants to go to New York.

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Anonymous said...

No hair cut?