Friday, January 30, 2009

Exclusive Pictures of New Yankee Stadium Luxury Suites

Hey, is there a rally going? Stoke the fire! For a great view of the right field line (unfortunately, not in picture range) nothing tops the Babe Ruth Suite ($500,000, seats 4). You get electric foot massage, "magic fingers" couch, electric knife, mini-trampoline, IMAX movie screen, automatic toilet flush, battery-operated candles -- and chicken wings -- 12 per person, your choice, hot, medium or teryaki! Mm-mm. I smell a rally... HOT!

Business is pleasure, and the pleasure is in your pants at the Chili Davis Suite ($600,000, seats 2). Plush green leather cushions let you curl back and snooze through a blowout or long pitching change, or do some "talkin' baseball" with your suitemate. Extras include mood lighting, aroma therapy (YES, WE HAVE MUSK!), waterfall sound effects, remote window blinds and teakwood shower curtains. Hey, let's order out for some chili!

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BernBabyBern said...

Thank God you didn't show the Mel Hall suite ...