Monday, January 19, 2009

Forbes Disses Us

Forbes Magazine, the Maxim of Money, dissed us today.

It gave the 2008 MVT (Most Valuable Team) award to some two-bit soccer club from Harry Potterland, basically because the fish-breathed tiddlywink weenies who edit Forbes want to look globally aware, when in fact the elbow-patched tweedtwats couldn't find their way out of JFK Airport if OJ were chasing them with a boxcutter.

Forbes claims Manchester United, the Beatles of soccer, is the world's most valuable team. They must collect Pepsi Points or sell kidneys on eBay. That's the only possible explanation.

Get this: Forbes says the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots are worth more than the Yankees.

They must be counting Disney Dollars.

They sure aren't counting World Championships.


Anonymous said...

This is good! We can use it as motivation in the locker room.

Post it next to the picture of Bernie.


MillerCoors Huggins said...

Just wait till Stubby moves the AAA team from Scranton to Shanghai. They have 20 million in the metro dying to spend their hard earned Yuan on Yankee goods.

Anonymous said...

The Yankees would be #1 on that list if Hank would stop smoking. Cigarettes are expensive.