Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Farewell Haiku, Chase Wright

In memory of a young left handed pitcher who was fed to the wolves of Fenway Park on a chilly April evening in 2007:

Four famous home runs
Manny, Nancy, Lowell, Tek
We hardly knew you
(okay, okay... I know. But at least I got the syllable count right, Wright?)
For what it was worth, at least 'Clueless Joe' didn't turn you into Scott Proctor v2.0 -- at least now you still have one hundred percent usage of your throwing arm.
The world always needs carpenters, Starbucks technicians and bartenders...
In this same link, the Yankees also re-upped with the Yayo man, buying just over $400K worth of Blow for the bullpen this upcoming season.


Anonymous said...

Shamus, work of art!
You counted sylables right.
Better than Youk could.

Anonymous said...