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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 10 Worst Things About the Yankee Season Thus Far

1. Pineda.
2. Noesi, as a throw-in.
3. The fact that nobody will ever hang for Pineda (and Noesi as the throw-in.)
4. Our small market owners refusing to spend money in the last year before the spending caps go into place.
5. Teixeira claiming over the winter that he would bunt to break the overshifts.
6. That we kept Hughes and Joba while letting Ian Kennedy get away.
7. Self-congratulatory dumping of AJ Burnett, thinking we had too much pitching, (regardless of his line from last night.)
8. Freddy
9. The fact that Bartolo Colon is pitching well
10. All the 22-year-olds that other teams have, while ours vanish in the void.

These Yankees are an outrage.


Whitey Fraud said...

You miss AJ? Dirk, your mind must be in Schenectady.

Joba will be fine (but do we need him in the bullpen? Nuh uh!)

As for the rest, time will tell. (I may, too.)

Joe De Pastry said...

#4 tells Yu all Yu need to know.