Friday, January 4, 2013

Are the Yankees in decline? Today, they just signed... ladies and gentlemen... RUSSSSS CANZLERRRRRRRRR!

Cleveland waived him. 


We solve our RH RF-DH problem... at a fraction of the cost!
Smart homemakers always choose Canzler.

(Somebody buy him a razor.)


Jim "Bulldog" Bouton said...

This time, you're wrong, El Duque. Russ Canzler is the Dooley Womack of the current free agent market. Like Dooley Womack, he's a franchise player, a fearsome presence in the dugout. The sight of Russ Canzler in the on-deck circle will unnerve even a Cy Young winner. His acquisition promises a return to the dizzying standards of 1966-1968, the era in which Mantle, with Dooley Womack on the mound, hit his 500th home run. Welcome Russ Canzler to the soon-to-be (again) World Champion New York Yankees!

The Sayonara Kid said...

He hails from the same hometown as Joe Maddon (Hazleton, PA) which happens to be my hometown as well. So there's that . . .

DeWayne Wise said...

Yow! They just designated Chris Dickerson for assignment because of this guy! Dickerson gets bumped for a Cleveland reject? Say it ain't so!