Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baseball's Hall Of Fame Problem

1. Clemens, Bonds, McGwire and Rose pool their money.

2. They build an exact duplicate of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Texas, adding their own plaques.

3. They open annual voting to the fans.

4. The Cooperstown Hall of Fame dies of neglect.

5. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

You're. Not. Funny.

el duque said...

If they let Bernie in, I'm all for it.

Tom said...

no. that was pretty funny.

only problem: Rose is broke. he can barely scrape $10 together for the trifecta at Santa Anita.

John M said...

It was VERY funny. Unlike the picture of our all-time hits leader checking pay phones for quarters. Or Barry Bonds checking his hat size, yet again.

I still think they should have a wing for great teams that didn't have 'great' players. But this will do.

MUSTANG! said...

Tom, when that trifecta comes in Rose will be rolling in dough.

Pete "The Hustle" Rose said...

Hey, can you guys spare one of those $69.99 copies of the $189 million Yankee commemorative coin? Think I can pass it off in southeast Asia as REAL? And thank you for reminding baseball fans everywhere that I had more hits than Google.