Thursday, January 31, 2013

If A-Rod is truly gone, it's time to move Jeter to third

Here's one possible solution to our latest A-bomb:

If Alex is really out the door in 2013 - the first half season healing from surgery and the second half suspended by Commissioner Hairpiece - maybe Brian Cashman should abandon his Hobbit-like quest for a DH and hand that spot to Kevin Youkilis.

Seriously, did anyone figure Youk could last a whole year playing third? For starters, he's got his own health issues. Think of Youkilis at third and Derek Jeter at shortstop, and you can imagine a lot of ground balls rolling happily into left field.

Maybe Jeet should be our Brooks Robinson.

Can he play 3B? Of course! Would he move? He's always put the team first. Playing 3B would put less wear-and-tear on his broken ankle. A change might extend his career two years. He might hit more. Youkilis can spell him at 3B and also back up at 1B. This would spare Jeter the eventual day of reckoning when his range at SS is hurting the team. Hey, nobody stays young forever. Sorry, folks, but I cringe at the idea of a 39-year-old SS. It's the kiss of death.

OK... the downside? We still need a SS. Eduardo Nunez seems a sad, unfortunate lost cause. He might even have Chuck Knoblauch disease, As usual, we have nobody ready in the farm system. (And, naturally, we just released Ramiro Pena.) Doug Bernier is not going to cut it. Yadil Mujica is another 28-year-old Cuban. (God, do we have every 28-year-old Cuban on the planet?) Could we sign a glove guy, another Jason Nix (who we have), and just disregard how he hits? If we found a SS who covers ground, our defense could improve. And it's no sin for Jeter to play third. Think Cal Ripken.

Let's imagine A-Rod is out of the picture for 2013. If he ever returns, he'll be a DH and occasional 1B. Good grief. This is an opportunity, folks. Nothing should be off the table. I say it's time to move Jeter!


I'm Bill White said...


John M said...

Creative thinking is not the Yankees front office forte. Sadly.

Troy Tulowitzki said...

Hey, man, I would love to play shortstop for the Yankees. Have Cashman call my people in Colorado.

Mustang said...

Jeter "has always put the team first?" What evidence is there of that?

bennyboy said...

Does Jeter have the arm for third? Cal Ripken Jr. had an arm. Ever since that shoulder injury in 2003, Jeter's arm has steadily declines. Were it not for Tex, I think he'd have 10-20 extra errors per year because he really struggles to reach first base.