Wednesday, August 6, 2014

There is a man in Scranton who can solve all our bullpen needs

And time is running out on him.

He has given up only 3 runs (red box) in the last 17 innings.

He's 29. He'll be gone next winter. C'mon, Cash. Put him in.


KD said...

Does MLB have a rule who gets his choice when a switch-hitter faces a switch-pitcher? Or do we just watch them both keep switching all evening in a single plate appearance?

Anonymous said...

The pitcher has to pick arm first before hitter decides which side of the plate which is a crock of bull seeing as the pitcher should be given the advantage due to it being a much more difficult and rare skill.

Tom said...

Hey, we've got bigger problems: They're talking about hiring a Redsock to replace Bud the Rug: