Friday, August 1, 2014

Whoooosh. That's the sound of a bullet just missing us

Cliff Lee might miss the rest of the season. 

It's a wonder he isn't a Yankee, and Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Rob Refsnyder are now Phillie farmhands.

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Brian Roberts said...

After the auspicious debuts of Stephen Drew and Martin Prado, I must tip my hat to Brian Cashman. The clutch hitting that both displayed tonight make my reassignment understandable. Martin Prado looked like a young Lou Piniella out there in right field. I guess that's why he's been given Sweet Lou's old number. Fitting. But most impressive of all, Stephen Drew made it abundantly clear that he's the next Derek Jeter. Welcome to the Yankees, Stephen, and maybe even the 2014 World Series. Good luck, guys. I will watch on TV and root for this revitalized, championship-bound team. Cashman, you're a fucking genius.