Thursday, October 30, 2014

Goodnight, season

In the big Bronx room,
There was a young owner,
And a feeling of gloom
And a general manager...
With a new three-year boner.

Goodnight, season.
Goodnight, reason.
Goodnight, year.
Goodnight happy fans, drinking beer.
Goodnight, Tex,
Goodnight, Jete.
Goodnight, graying free-agent meat.

Goodnight, Suzyn.
Goodnight, losin.'
Goodnight Chase,
Goodnight, third base,
Goodnight, staff without an ace.
Goodnight, YES.
Goodnight, stress.
Goodnight, A-Rod contract mess.

Goodnight, Jacoby.
Goodnight, Brett.
Goodnight, lineup to forget.
Goodnight, McCanns,
Goodnight, Beltrans,
Goodnight, tired Yankee fans.
Goodnight, New York also-rans.

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Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

Do they still hand out a Pulitzer for poetry?