Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hal stands pat: “Changes will not be made in the organization for show. You will be held responsible if the job is not getting done. Any change we do make, I will feel the job was not getting done and we could do better.”

The Voice of Moderation gave his "State of the Yankees" address today.


Anonymous said...

This guy discusses the 40-year legacy as though he's been a major part of it, then says he doesn't dwell on the past as regards Alex Rodriguez, then says no one agrees with what A-rod did (as if someone ever bothered to establish beyond doubt what that was), then implies that of all things the PITCHING this year led to the drain-swirl that was 2014, as if the pitching that replaced the expected pitching wasn't close to a miracle in its effectiveness.

That he said changes won't be made for show is the truest measure that the opposite is true. It's up there with, "I love you, but", or would be if it were a bit more honest.

This guy is happy with second place, happy to be in contention long enough for most of his team's fans to believe in possible championships. This is why I, as a lifelong Yankees fan, hope they lose 100 games the next couple years. I want this guy motivated to sell his share of the team to someone who gives a shit. Maybe somewhere out there, there's a guy who'd get pissed enough at losing that he'd punch an elevator door...or at least be pissed enough to make a story like that up. THAT's the guy (or girl) I want running the Yankees.

KD said...

I don't get the feeling that this guy loves Yankees baseball. I think he'd be just as happy heading up a division at Johnson and Johnson.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

AMEN Anonymous, very well said!!!!! As long as 'The Family' can haul in obscene amounts of money from ticket sales, farewell tours, concessions, merchandising future HOFs, ect, they could care less about making the major moves needed to fix this mediocre team. Typical Sons of Privilege corporate mentality, with so much invested in the status quo, if the status quo still brings in big bucks, best not to change the status quo,,,,,,

Yes KD, absolutely agree! One silly example,,, how on earth do you not attend Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium for crying out loud???!!!! Kinky Boots my ass!