Sunday, October 5, 2014

KC Are Krazy Cool

I never liked the Anaheim Schmuckballs from LA, or whatever the he'll they're called. Best record in baseball, my ass. And chubby little Mikey Scosia and that rally monkey. These people are clowns.

So nothing gives me greater Schadenfreude than to see the Royals kick their ass in three straight. Trout, Hamilton and company go home. As soon as the last out was in the books, TBS cut to George Brett, our worthy, hemorrhoidal adversary of years gone by. Sporting a helluva 20,000 dollar watch (probably more), by the way.

Now we can only hope that KC stays torrid and smokes Showalter's boys. I respect them and wish Buck never left, but KC has my heart. So fuck 'em.

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Anonymous said...

John M, schmuckballs, schadenfreude and hemorrhoids. Quite the combination