Friday, October 31, 2014

Philosophy 101; Bob Dylan

Sometimes, sipping Crown Royal brings you back.

For me, it is baseball, booze and Dylan. Hence;  "A baseball team ( read; the Yankees ) not busy being born is busy dying."

Cashman is not a Dylan fan.  There will be no re-birth for the Yankees, and no re-building.  It will be the continuing game of lego where discarded blocks will be fit into other discarded blocks to build a mis-shapen blob.

While real teams are concerned with re-signing or trading the likes of Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer ,  and Mike Moustakas; or wondering how to re-structure the contracts of Sandoval, Bumgarner or even the super rookie Panik, Brian Cashman anguishes over what to do with Chase Headley, Stephen Drew, Chris Young, Cris Capuano, Rich Hill and Brandon McCarthy.

Are you kidding me?

Are we actually on the same planet?

 I'm surprised Cashman was unsuccessful talking Kevin Youkilis out of retirement.  Youk would be younger than half our "core" players.  I guess it was the 5th year that Kevin insisted upon, and Brian finally said no.

We would be better off  taking the best prospects ( gag ) from anywhere in our minor league system and letting them play.  Failing to make the play-offs smells the same whether we gamble on untested young players, or on fully tested old players.

The difference is heart, hustle and the possibility that a Panik or two will emerge.

We all know this won't happen.  Cashman might as well be blasting a shotgun into the Yankee's future.

Seriously, doesn't the world see that this team is," busy dying?"


KD said...

Tell me you're kidding about Cash bringing Youk back. I DO NOT want to bring him back as my signature image for this blog.

Hermodorus said...

I do.

Alphonso said...

Life is a cabaret.

Youk announced his retirement, but Cashman ( it is rumored ) tried to dissuade him.

He wanted to cover up the great flop it was in signing him the first time.