Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cashman makes drunken, wild-eyed, pie-in-the-sky prediction for 2015

Print the playoff tickets. Book your B-&-B reservations for next October, because Brian Cashman is optimistic that the Yankees can be in the 2015 playoff mix.

Mind you, this is better than being hopeful. Any clod can have hope. He's optimistic, which means not pessimistic. Which is good. He's optimistic that the Yankees can be in the playoff mix. That beats saying they could be in the playoff mix - because Colorado could be. Also, the phrase playoff mix rouses the billiards, eh? Last year, the team finished six games above .500. (Winning three of the final four, establishing momentum for 2015.) With the new extra wild card, practically everybody but Joan Rivers was in the playoff mix. And now, Cash is gushing with expectations.

"If we make a couple of moves like we did in-season, if we can run into a few things that have a chance to make us better, I think we can get right back in the playoff mix," Cashman said.

I hope we don't explode with overconfidence. But it's reassuring to hear that a) we don't intend to sign any top free agents, b) we'll continue to ignore incoming Cuban players, and c) our farm system is still anemic at the top levels... but we'll hopefully snag another Chris Capuano in July! We can get right back in the playoff mix.


John M said...

According to a souse...er, source at Yankee Central (just down the street from Grand Central, take a right at the homeless guy with the accordion), signing Headley is a top priority. Nay, maybe THE toppest of all top priorities, since Rod isn't expected to play much third, Tex isn't expected to play much first, and Rod may not even make it out of spring training.

So we've got Headley at third and first, which is going to make scoring a real pain in the ass if there's a 5-4-3 double play, because 5 and 3 will both be Headley. 5-4-5? 3-4-3?

The mind boggles. I'm 'optimistic.'

KD said...

One "if" after another. I remember what grandma used to say as she filled her corncob pipe: "If the dog hadn't stopped to shit, he'd a-caught the rabbit."