Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gammonites phone in another gold glove to Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia, flashing the leather than won his 4th Gold Glove.
I realize that under terms of the Secret Honorarium Agreement of 2014, the Yankee fan base is supposed to someday give a chair or cowboy boots to Dustin Pedroia, in a teary ceremony where Bobby Valentine rappels from the right field mezzanine - to pay back Boston for the great way they handled Derek Jeter's finale.

And I want to underline that, without any hint of snarc: The Redsocks did us right in that final game, and someday, we must put aside all our differences and give them a jolly good cheer, pip-pip, and all that.

But another gold glove for Pedroia? Nope. Sorry. Not now.

For starters, he's been hobbled all year. Pedroia played 122 complete games. I use that number - complete games - because the Redsocks were taking him out, to rest him. 

Listen: Pedroia is a great one. And he is a great fielding second-baseman. He made only 2 errors last year - two! ("Home cooking," it was what they call the official scoring.) I just think Ian Kinsler, Brian Dozier, that kid Jose Altuve from Houston, even Robbie - they all played more games, handled more chances, and I believe covered more ground. Some of these writers, they have certain names programmed into their keyboards. If a Redsock was going to win a gold glove, it should have been Jackie Bradley Jr. I wouldn't have even squawked.

So... where do we find a pair of size five cowboy boots?

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KD said...

Of course all those others guys covered more ground. Lil' Dusty has to take 3 steps for their two.