Thursday, November 20, 2014

If Pat Venditte turns into a star in Oakland, there will bloodshed in the Bronx

After a thousand lifetimes mired within the Yankee farm system, Pat Venditte - the only switch-pitcher you or I will ever know - has been signed as a minor league free agent by Oakland.

Over seven seasons in the Yankee scrub lands, Venditte rose to Scranton, but never received so much as a courtesy cup of coffee. The Yankee "baseball people" - experts of the radar gun - detected flaws in his pitches, so he never got a call.

Fine. OK. No problem.

Surely, we accept that the Yankee "baseball people" knew what they were doing, by denying their fans so much as a glimpse of the lone switch-pitcher of his or any generation.

Thanks to the Yankee "baseball people," if we ever see Pat Venditte pitch, he will wear an A's uniform.

Just know this: If Venditte turns into a Major League star, there will be trouble.

That's all I'm going to say.



KD said...

Trouble? HA! Let other teams take the trouble and risk to develop this freak of nature. If he works out, we'll get him back on a three year deal when he's 38.

we're the fucking Yankees, dammit!

Federico said...

Duque--you keep threatening trouble--yet each time you're beaten bloody by the stupidity of the Yankee front office, you come back for more. I'm not sure which syndrome applies--The Cowardly Lion or The Abused Spouse.

el duque said...

I'm talking big trouble.

That's all I'm going to say.

DanAxtell said...

"...the only switch-pitcher you or I will ever know."

Actually, there are several promising switch pitchers in the pipeline, some of them inspired by Pat Venditte. See the Switch Pitching 101 Blog. (Note: that blogkeeper shares a last name with one of high school SwP's, so there might be a hint of bias.)