Monday, November 3, 2014

No, no, NOOOO! Don't tell me the Yankees would really let David Robertson walk

Wait a minute. Am I dreaming? Or is "nightmare" the better word?

The free-range Gammonites are saying the Yankees may let David Robertson sign elsewhere, so Hal Steinbrenner can save a few nickels on the likes of Chase Headley or Hanley Ramirez, the 2015 version of Alphonso Soriano.

They'll move Dellin Betances to closer, because - as everybody knows - it's such an easy and seamless transition. Under the New Yankee Frugality, Brian Cashman needs to cut corners, and the Evils didn't lose enough games in the ninth last year to remember what it's like to go without a lock-down arm in the bullpen.

Calgon Beauty Beads... take me away!

Surely, somewhere in Florida, Brian Cashman is sitting in a seedy motel, staring at a wall push-pinned full of newspaper clippings and mugshots. He sits for hours each day, like Carrie in "Homefront," looking for connections. But if he's decided the Yankees don't need a closer, dear God, somebody give him his meds!

The fact is, the Yankees and their fan base have lived fat, drunk and stupid for nearly 20 years, because we had three of the game's finest closers - Mariano, Rafael Soriano and David Robertson - and like the song goes, "ya doe know whachew got 'till it's gonnnn."

Today, the front office will hand Robertson a $15 million one-year qualifying offer. That's good. But he's going to reject it. When that happens, they need to offer him a three-year deal and a raise, and when he's done pitching for the Yankees - hopefully around 2024 - the Yankees will still have at least one legacy position on the field.

"Legacy position."

Isn't that a funny-sounding phrase? What does it mean?

Well... when I grew up, nobody doubted that the great New York Yankees would always have a great star in centerfield. It would be Tom Tresh, or Roger Repoz, or Bobby Murcer - or somebody. The Yankees were synonymous with star centerfielders.

Then we waited 40 years, until Bernie arrived.

Of course, there was also the great Yankee catching legacy: Dickey, Berra, Howard, Munson... and then insert 20 years of Matt Nokes and Andy Hassey... and, finally, we find Jorge.

Well, folks, Brian McCann won't be the next Jorge. Nor have we found hope from our vaunted catching prospects over the last eight years - Jesus Montero and Austin Romine, (and increasingly, we suspect Gary Sanchez won't be the answer.) Now, they're touting another peach-face way-way down in the system - Luis Torrens is the name - but frankly, if we're talking about modern Yankee legacies, the greatest one lately is to promote catching prospects who go nowhere.

Wait... we did have one great future legacy position: Shortstop. In fact, we had the last five years to draft, develop and season a successor to Derek Jeter. The dimensions of our failure are - frankly - astounding. We're not even close.

So... that leaves the Yankees with one future legacy position: Closer.

Yep. Last year, David Robertson did the impossible: He replaced the great and powerful Mo. He's been a Yankee all his career. He's smart. He's wily. He's a quality person. Are we seriously going to save a few dimes and watch him run off to Washington?

Listen: If Seattle gives him $250 million over 10 years, let him go. Otherwise, Cashman better swallow some meds and stare harder at that poster-board. WE NEED DAVID ROBERTSON TO STAY A YANKEE.


Alphonso said...

I told you already.

When the Yankees signed Cashman for another 3 years, we became worse than," dead in the water."
Don't bother to think or to reason.

Give up planning what could be done, and only imagine stupidity.

It is a waste of emotional stability to pay attention to anything the Yankees do under his leadership.

He will produce a team that is uninteresting, unwatchable, and not in the p[layoffs.


Not Anonymous said...

He might not reject it because he will never get $15 mil a year.

and if he does reject it, he is STILL most likely to sign with the yankees, as they don't have to give up a draft pick so will likely be able to pay more even if they have the same evaluation of him as other teams.

I would not worry about this yet.

Leinstery said...

You serious? Robertson sucks.