Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas comes early for John and Suzyn

Brian McCann says he'll actually consider hitting to left field.

(Thanks, SJS) 


Not Anonymous said...

gotta love this re: A-Rod outrage

Alphonso said...

Unfortunately, Texiera had said the same thing three seasons ago.

I guess the gestation period for such a wild idea, is lengthy.

He'll consider it, and re-consider it, every time he hits into a DP, with a ground ball drilled into short right field.

But he'll never actually do it.

See Tex.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I still treasure the image Robbie Cano calmly hitting a bunt double when Red Socks gave him the opening via an ill-considered shift. Cano's bunt didn't affect his swing one iota.

In fact, if you read his lips closely in the clip, he's saying to the coach in Spanish, "This is not freakin' rocket science, man."

And it's about time McCann and Tex learned.

KD said...

I remember that at bat too, LBJ. One of my favorite Cano moments as well and thanks for the link. Cano made everything look easy.