Live Yankee Chat: Wednesday 5 p.m.

Live Yankee Chat: Wednesday 5 p.m.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Human Month

(Girardi and his binder.)

Joe Girardi told Mark Feisand that "When I look at what happened to Dellin, he had a human month."

A Human Month.

That sounds like the perfect song for this team.

Which band or recording artist should write it?  


John M said...

What happened to the Mets poem? I thought it was a sensitive, soul-stirring reflection of how our existential nature overcomes adversity. And it was nice and short. I hate long poems, they take too long to read.

el duque said...

I didn't realize that I'm Bill had posted at almost the exact same time, so I delayed it for an hour. Unlike the Yankee hitters, I am always willing to sacrifice.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I don't know about Betances, but all of the Yankee hitters hit like it was that time of the human month....

I'm Bill White said...

A tip of the cap to Duque.