Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yanks Don't Play Like Yanks; Offense Hammers Mets in Huge 7-1 Win

This is how sweet the Yankees were last night ( see above photo, dummy!)

I really could not believe what I was seeing.

Pineda pitched better than he had since he was a Yankee.  He looked poised, confident, and had
 that, " give me the ball and I'll win this one for us," attitude.  In short, he looked like the stud pitcher we thought we were getting in that trade with Seattle, rather than the dumb ass off-kilter, hat wearing, pine tar globbing blob of mediocrity who starts to sweat heavily when his breaking balls aren't breaking.

He also used a mound presence and approach we have never seen before in a Pineda outing.  He seemed to know what he was doing.  He kept a fine-hitting Mets team off-balance, and allowed only 2 hits in nine innings.  Amazing ( sorry Mets fans ).

I really did not believe it was Pineda out there.

And the rest of the team performed differently , as well.  First of all, when deGrom had a 1-0 lead
( due to a bad call at first base ), I thought we were close to finished.  I know this Yankee team, on its best days, can score two runs, but not more.  And if the opponent gets two, we are stuck with a drawn out, extra inning tie, which we always seem to lose.  So, we were on the brink.

Not this time.

The Yankees blasted their way to a 4 run fifth and, later in the game ( and more astonishing, based on our season long performance ) a three run outburst.  More amazingly ( sorry Mets fans for that reference  again), they did it without Home runs.  They played aggressive, solid baseball of a type we didn't see all season long.

And most of the time, we were hitting rockets.  Often, the Yankees did most of their damage down two strikes in the count, and sometimes with two outs.  Not like the April-September performance at all.

And everyone contributed;  I'll give Girardi some credit for playing John Ryan Murphy ( last minute line-up change ), who handled Pineda well and got a couple hits.  Slade got  a couple also, giving himself a World Series batting average, and maybe some confidence.

The big star, and I owe Cashman a huge apology here, is Didi.  He is doing it offensively and defensively.  Once again, the guy playing shortstop last night for the winners, did not resemble the Didi I have watched all year.  I berated Cashman for another lame trade, for another mediocre player.  But last night's shortstop play was all star.  So sorry, Cash.  You have done an amazing job building this team.

They just don't like those mediocre Yankees anymore.  They look like a team that can win it all, not like the losers who can't score a run in a play-in game.

Let's see what happens when we move across town to Queens.


KD said...

Great teams step-up in the post season. It's wonderful to see the Yankees reclaim the mantle of greatness after all these years in the wilderness.

GO YANKEES!!! I sense a SWEEP!

liveamovielife said...

Their play has been so out of character, it's almost like watching another team out there...

Rufus T. Firefly said...

More "sports related" pictures please.