Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Someone... a few years back.

I can't do much from this jail cell, so I decided to write a letter with a few random observations On the Yankees and other related objects.

1.  A writer for the NY Post began an article today with the statement, " the Yankees returned to the postseason for the first time since 2012......".  I checked the official rules of major league baseball and I believe I can make a case for the conclusion, " if a team scores no runs in a play-in game, they have not, technically, participated in the post season."

2.  As I watched Tanaka pitch, it is clear he is not the same pitcher who came to us from Japan, with such fanfare, a few years ago.  It is either the dangling arm tendon or the hamstring, but his pitches used to devastate.  Now, they just form a mild uncertainty.  If you watched the Houston pitcher's "stuff," and the Cub's pitcher's stuff vs. Pittsburgh, it is painfully obvious that Tanaka is not in their class.   And it was, when we first got him.  No wonder he gets hammered when he makes a pitch with nothing on it.  If he does not have surgical repairs, he will now be an okay number four or five starter, good for 4 runs and 5 innings when he is fairly sharp.

3.  Someone please explain why Gardener hit .205 since August 1.

4.  The palaver from the front office about this collapse is predictable, banal and lame.  It is embarrassing that they are trying to spin progress, and a future to be eager for.  The team will not make any playoff next year.

5.  The Mets own NYC now.  Let's be honest.

6.  No one who should pay a price for this continued failure will be held accountable.

The Yankees are over.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

"I can't do much from this jail cell"

Jail cell?

Anonymous said...


jdrny said...

So, what's Tanaka Worth now???

Maybe the depreciation should be deducted from Girardi for the dumb way he
overused him last year. Includes dumb Rothschild.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to understand Little Brian's statement concerning Stephen Drew. Personally, I feel that he is in greater need of rehab than CC...

Leinstery said...

The Mets may be the better team now, but it'll take more than 1 successful season to wash the taste of decade long shit out of the neutral fans' mouths. Although, the Yankees current 3 year long debacle is certainly helping their case. Aside from July this year, when was the last time this team was fun to watch? Was it when Ibanez was hitting homeruns every time he came up late in the game? Even then the team still wasn't fun, just Ibanez. The real kick to the nuts starts next spring, when we all realize that these young farm players, or if you prefer the douche chilling name Michael Kay gave them "Baby Bombers", are once again all hype and we remember that the farm system is a barren wasteland of talent and every oasis turns out to be a mirage. Fellas, we are Jews walking through the desert and I reckon we're stuck with the Steinbrenner family for no less than 37 more years.

JM said...

The fact is, as long as the Steinbrenners are the owners, Girardi is the manager and Rothschild is the pitching coach, we might as well forget about it. The players are not nearly as important in the scheme of things. Change at the top will bring us the players and the team deserving of the interlocking logo.

Meanwhile, there is curling.