Friday, October 30, 2015

World Series Roundup: Everyone's a Yankee Fan!

USA Hooray: The Bronx is the best baseball town in America right now

Kneel Before A-Rod: Yankees look like unstoppable October force

Tanaka, Pineda, Severino: Yankees to become first in Series history to start 3 pitchers born outside U.S.

The House that Truth Built: Alfonso Soriano pep talk still echoes through Yankee clubhouse during 2015 World Series

We Can See Clearly Now: After half a decade of losing, Yanks fans are learning how to have fun

Mystique & Vegara: Sofia wishes Yankees good luck in Game 3

Moo's on First: Dairy's blue milk pays tribute to pinstripes

Bambino meets Bambu: Pot-Smoking Yankee fans spark friendship at World Series


Buhner's Ghost said...

It's time for Yankee fans to turn over a new leaf. It would make your outlook rosier.

Alphonso said...

What leaf? Turn it over and reveal what ?

Can you be more specific as to what might yield a rosier outlook?

Rosier than what?

Inquiring minds want to know.

More importantly, are you watching Yanks v Mets tonight?