Sunday, October 11, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Yogi statue in St. Louis!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

September 29, 2015 Tuesday 
Dear Editor:
The many articles in the Post-Dispatch in recent days about Yogi Berra have been heartwarming. The stories seem to be endless. I learned for the first time that the people of New Jersey had a museum created for him, where he lived since retiring.
St. Louis should create a memorial to Yogi, and put it in the south side of the city where he grew up, with a full-sized statue of Yogi, similar to the ones we have of the Cardinals Hall of Famers outside Busch Stadium. Of course, he would have to be wearing a Yankee uniform, and to St. Louisans all Yankees are damn Yankees. Except for Yogi Berra! He is not a New Yorker. He is a St. Louisan, pure and simple. Perhaps it could go in Tower Grove Park, which is not too far from where he grew up.
And we have the artist to create such a bronze sculpture. Harry Weber, who created the wonderful Cardinals outside our stadium. Mr. Weber is still living in the area. And nobody creates bronze statues like him!
The spirit of Yogi Berra stood for the city of St. Louis, and always will.
Denny Wedemeyer • St. Louis County

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