Saturday, October 10, 2015

Letter to the Yankees: "I hate the Yankees"

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September 30, 2015 Wednesday 
Dear Editor:
Re: "Yankee fan and proud of it," by Carolyn Holub, Saturday Letters.
Holub said she was taken aback because a reference to the "hated Yankees" was used in a story about Yogi Berra. She wrote that The News shouldn't label and make judgments. It should just report.
Well, that's what they were doing. I'm 73 years old and they have been the hated Yankees all my life. I liked and respected Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Berra and Roger Maris. But when they played Brooklyn, they were the hated Yankees and we wanted them to lose. When Texas got a team it was the same feeling. It was the hated Yankees coming to town. It's a hate born of respect.
I might add there was a play and a movie called Damn Yankees. That didn't mean all the players were to be damned.
Also, it's easier on journalists to write "the hated Yankees are coming to town" as opposed to "the team that we really want to beat is coming to town."
So give The News a break. Also, she stated, let the readers form an opinion. I have. I hate the Yankees.
Joe Hardin Brown, East Dallas


KD said...

Great to see we are still hated. Shows we are still doing something right.

el duque said...

This guy is soooooo nineties

John M said...

And this is why we still read newspapers. You can't make this stuff up.