Saturday, March 18, 2017

Down to the wire, Binghamton launches another rally for Golden Snowball

The cardiac crusaders of cold simply refuse to quit. 

With two days left in the annual competition to be crowned Snow King of upstate New York, perennial power Syracuse - the Lion of Lake Effect - is barely holding on against plucky Southern Tier upstart Binghamton, former home to Rod Serling and Camille Paglia.

Syracuse holds a 1.3 inch lead, but flurries are flying across the region. This one is going down to the final storm.  


Mike said...

I'm thankful for these snow posts because they often show that Buffalo, the worldwide leader in snowfall according to those who don't know the truth most years, is anything but.

Speaking as a Rochesterian, I'm proud of the potential podium finish. My only long-term fear is that Tug Hill incorporates...but until that happens, consider nasality part of the scene.

Congrats, Syracuse! (Out-on-a-limb last-minute prediction, just like Bob Matthews.)

Tom said...

So, you're calling the game at the vernal equinox? Isn't that a bit arbitrary? I mean April snowstorms might be able to file a discrimination suit.

el duque said...

I totally agree, but I think the guy who runs it does the cutoff on March 21.

KD said...

Poor Oswego. gets no respect, even with an annual average of 141 inches.