Wednesday, March 15, 2017

For the record, David Price - now with a pesky elbow - has thrown far fewer innings in recent years than Jose Quintana

The Redsocks are now officially clutching their billiards  expressing proud optimism about David Price, who will start the season on the Pavano Disabled List.

Some will say the notion of a suddenly depleted Boston rotation is EXACTLY why the Yankees should trade for Chicago's ever-dangling bait, Jose Quintana.

And listen: In any deal, the devil is in the details. It never hurts to talk, or maybe snag a back page with some deft rumor-mongering. Some trades sound great, especially if the 14-year-old in you wants want to believe the White Sox are flat-out stupid. If you think they'll accept Jake Cave and six Cito Culvers, hey! yeah! go for it!

But here's one thought...

Whenever you sign or trade-for a big stud starter, you take on every pitch his shoulder ever logged. 

Over the last four years, Price has thrown 660 innings.

Over the same period, Quintana has thrown 800.

Just sayin'...

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