Sunday, March 12, 2017

With big storm approaching, grief-stricken Syracuse has clinched another Golden Snowball

Tonight, my city of Syracuse, NY - birthplace of Tom Cruise, Megyn Kelly and the automatic bank teller - is mourning on two fronts:

1. The vaunted SU men's basketball team - and thousand-year-old coach Jim Boeheim* - has been snubbed by the NCAA's March Madness selection committee. It will be relegated to the NIT - yes, there is still an NIT - which is sort of like hoping to sleep with Katy Perry and ending up with Rick Perry.    

2. Syracuse is once again a lock to win the Golden Snowball award, given annually to the upstate New York city that receives the most snow. Not even a Nor'easter tomorrow will likely topple the Salt City's 12-inch lead. 

*Possibly, I'm mixed up on this. It might be "thousand-wins."

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Anonymous said...

Don't knock sleeping with a Perry - - any Perry - - until you've tried it, Duque....LB (No J)