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Live game chat tonight @ 8
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Syracuse staves off Binghamton surge at buzzer

It's gotta be one of the greatest finishes in Golden Snowball history.

By the way, Albany is a flat-out disgrace. If this were European soccer, they'd be dropped to the Pennsylvania league.


Der Kaiser said...

Competitive balance in this league is a real problem. Fans will start to lose interest if their city can never realistically contend. What if the second- and third-place cities were to meet in a one-week wildcard elimination snow-off, the winner of which would meet the first-place finisher in a one-month championship series? While the fourth-place finisher should receive one snowstorm of their choice from last year's top finisher. And to make sure the snowstorms get scored correctly, every city should have the right to challenge their one of their opponents' accumulations four times per winter.

el duque said...

This is absolutely brilliant. I love the one-week wild card elimination, and I would add that each city gets to name a "farm team," within a 30-mile radius, whose snow totals would be added to the mix. I'm tired of hearing Buffaloans carp about the placement of the National Weather Service snow measuring center. Let them have Lackawanna, and the whining will stop. (We'll add Fulton and shut their godddamn mouths for good!)

Blind Robin said...

It ain't over til' its over!

Alphonso said...

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Blind Robin said...

it is over!