Saturday, March 11, 2017

"With two out in the fifth inning, Polo laced a single to center, stole second base and scored to put Colombia ahead 2-1 on another single by Donovan Solano. The play elicited a cheer of "Po-lo, Po-lo" in one section among the thousands of spirited Colombia fans."

The 5'9" prospect we received for Ivan Nova is turning heads in the World Baseball Classic. 


Anonymous said...


Alphonso said...

I think they were calling his name so that they could score some quality coke after the game.

" He laced a single to center." So Mickey Mantle like.

How slow is this moment?

John M said...

Coincidentally, the U.S. won its mixed doubles curling match last night against Scotland in a bigly way, and the male half of our twosome is named Polo.

Tea leaves? Or presaging at its finest?

Alphonso said...

I'm pleased to hear you have found a productive use for your time' John M. You sound a lot like me.