Monday, June 12, 2017

Five And Counting.....

We wrapped up a nice series against the Birds.

The production remains huge.

495 feet for one solo shot.

Plenty of clean looks at Buck, although I want to see his face at the, "moment of impact," so to speak.

Has anyone, ever, seen Buck's eyes?  Is he paid by the "dark glasses" company for "in-game exposure?  A new form of product placement revenue?

Torreyes was a rally-killer yesterday, for both sides ( great defensive play when the game was still a game).

That last pitcher looked pretty good.  Domingo German.  Hopefully, Duque will advise that we should remember his name.  Only 24 years on that arm.

Now the traveling show comes to LA.

Tonight we raid Tanaka.

Put a weird bow in your hair, and get ready to party, boys.


Leinstery said...


The greatest baseball player in history is not even within striking distance of the AL RoY.

Current WAR of the top five rookies

Aaron Judge, Yankees: +3.9 WAR
Jordan Montgomery, Yankees: +1.4 WAR
Ben Gamel, Mariners: +1.3 WAR
Mitch Haniger, Mariners: +1.3 WAR
Guillermo Heredia, Mariners: +0.7 WAR

The Babe sits at +0.6. That's two Yankees and one honorary Yankee that are higher than the Sultan of singles. Do we need to cancel our trip to Cooperstown?

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

here are two creepy Master/Judge coincidences.

TMZ reports that Judge loves Broadway ....

And Judges girlfriends name is Sterling Olmsted :

Leinstery said...

Judge was adopted, is he the biological son of the Master? Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

No no no clearly his dad was black, but that doesn't rule out Suzyn as the knocked up former show girl.

Leinstery said...

Who's to say John wasn't into black women in the early 90's? He did spend a good portion of his career in Atlanta, a lot of black women in Atlanta, maybe he developed a thing for them.

Also I envision Suzyn as the Elizabeth I of radio. So no babies for her.

DutchFan said...

The Aaron Judge Breakfast Show. So much fun!
Betances trying to close it now. We're done just before 8am out here.

DutchFan said...

Wow, struck out the side.
Great win and a very happy warble from the Master!

Anonymous said...


Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Can I take the bow out of my hair now?

Alphonso said...


You may. But we needed it for the full nine innings, as you know.

No bow tonight.

Just jack and coke.

Anonymous said...


NaRong said...

Can I take the bow out of my hair now?
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