Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Time To Get Real. Listen Up !

The winning streak didn't quite make it to two.

Tyler Wade struck out looking when he could have been an early Yankee hero.  His parents must be so proud.

 Here's a news flash;  anyone in the world, tomorrow, could put on a major league baseball uniform, stroll to the bat and watch strike three blow past.  Could be a 98 year old Russian woman from Siberia.  Anyone.  How does the Yankee hitting coach excuse this?  Yankee hitters won't bunt and they refuse to swing when they are down two strikes and the pitch is close.

Tyler Austin is hitting below .200 and striking out 66% of his at bats.  Yes, he hit one solo homer.  Chris Carter hit those also.  Chris Carter is better.  Sorry.  First base remains a wasteland.  I told you all early;  the demise of this season starts and ends with Greg Bird.

But I am not here for that.  I am here to review where we are at, so far in 2017.

1.  First base - a sinkhole since day one.  Injuries and incompetence.

2.  Second base - just lost a principle player in the success-to-date of the team.

3.  Shortstop - had the starter out for a month.  Didi came back solid.  Torreyes solid.

4.  Third base - rock solid health here.  Headley 0-5 tonight.  Hot streak ended.  Now we endure a .158 July from him.

5. Left Field - Pretty solid work from Gardner.  Power diminishing.  Base running diminishing.  He needs a rest.

6.  Centerfield - took out your starter for an extended period, with concussion.  Now his back-up is out for an extended period.  Back-up was having a career year, living up to his expectations as a number one pick ( elsewhere, of course ).

7.  Right field - one player has do do it all now.  Won't work.  He'll walk 100 times with no one else able to help.

8.  Catcher - Starter out for an extended period.  Coming back now.  Only position with legitimate depth.

9.  DH -  Mysterious illness hits the most senior veteran leader.  Huge loss.  Not one else can hit.

10.  Starting Pitching -  most effective veteran starter out for unknown period.

11.  Closer - out for extended period.  Working his way back.  But is he the same?

12.  Best minor league position prospect - out for year.  Maybe career in jeopardy with surgery looming on throwing arm.

13.  Best minor league pitching prospect - out for year with surgery on throwing arm.

So the ship takes on water and is getting difficult to steer.  I just float around and honk to my friends.

Hope you enjoyed the game.


JJ in MA said...

Shut off the game when it was 1-0, I'm both ashamed and not at all ashamed to say. Don't feel like I missed anything though. The old episode of Star Trek I watched instead was way more satisfying, and only the red shirts got hurt.

I thought Gleyber's TJ was on his non-throwing arm?

el duque said...

Yes, JJ is right. Glyber's injury is to his non-throwing arm. He should be back by spring training, if you believe the Yankees (who notoriously lie about things like this.)

Anonymous said...

Thanx 4 the update, Swannie! I've been waiting for it. Now, if you could just do something about #4 - - oh, and get a new #13 - - one which differs from #12, we'll be grateful to Your Royal Swanniness.

Might I also suggest that you, Oh Benificent One, check out the difference in the use of 'principal' vs. 'principle'

Your Humble Servant,

LB (No J)

Alphonso said...

All arms are the same when they have Tommy John surgery.

It just means he won't be able to get the "glove down" for ground balls, or extend his reach when he dives. It will be like playing with one arm 6 inches shorter than the other.

It worked for that pitcher we once had. But an infielder?

Okay. So I exaggerate.

It is due to excessive disappointment, alcohol and not paying attention to detail.

So what?