Monday, January 26, 2009

Two hundred thousand IT IS HIGH visitors, every one unique!

It took us a year to reach 100,000.

Six months to hit 200,000.
Thanks for coming.

Face it: We're stuck with each other, rooting for the Yankees because we know no other way. We're hated, scorned, persecuted -- we have Arod, YES, Sir Sidney, Win Warbles, Pavano, Benihana ads, draft choices who need TJ surgery, the frickin' new stadium, its frickin' tax breaks, its frickin' steakhouse -- we're despised by people who think it's easy being us. And then we miss the playoffs!


Listen: We do not take ourselves seriously.

But we'll never take you for granted.

Nobody is more unique than a return visitor to IT IS HIGH. Nobody. Hopeless cases, every one of you... You should be ashamed. But, hey, as Otter told Flounder, "You fucked up, you trusted us."
Onward! AND SIGN ANDRUW JONES, fer kricesake.


Ross said...

Congrats. What do you guys use to track unique visitors?

Google Analytics?

Anonymous said...

Hell no!

We use Compuserve Fingers and Toes counters, Ross. They rule!

el duque said...

We use StatCounter. Pretty nifty.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be a visitor, unique or otherwise. Will you be giving us all swag, like Oprah gives her guests?

Anonymous said...

80,000 of those are mine. My IP changes alot. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I are approaching a similar milestone.

200,000 little shooters between us, and we are still smokin'....

Each 2 oz. tumbler is unique. Each lime section...each blast of salt....each forgotten memory and name.

Each Senorita.....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 200,000 unique visits....Now, can you please show me the money !!!!

Our IPO should be at the printers. I already lined up Lehman Bros. to manage the offering.

And let's be wise in the negotioations on price. I do not want to see our BlogIPO pull a Yahoo ( e.g. failing to take Microsoft's offer of $33/share while our CEO holds out for $43/share, and leaves office, and the sharehlders, with a box of raisins.

Well I want IIH, IIF,IIc to take the first, best offer for our IPO, and let's insist we get paid in a commodity such as diamonds, or canned beans.

Money will have little value to us...see this economy spirals south.

Foodstuffs, seed corn or warm clothing....come on Board of directors, get with it.

200,000 is good. A box-car train full of goodies is on the horizon.