Sunday, July 20, 2014

2 and 0 since the drunk blog, baby, 2 and 0!

Undefeated, untied. I should drink forever. The Yankees would never lose. John and Suzyn would never feel pain.

Heard them late yesterday, waxing about the Yankee offense. If these big Yankee bats have finally woken up... John was stoned, laughing at everything. Happy happy happy. Can't write more. Got to go throw up.

(Back later.)

Feel better now. 2 and oh, baby. 2 and o. This is it, folks. The Yankees are making their run. It's now or never. We either win 8 of 10 and get back into this thing, or we kiss the season goodbye. Most important game of the year? Today. This is it.


Mikegyro said...

3 and 0 OHHHHHHH

Get me a DRINK!!

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Yes, the Yankees won today, but I've yet again found myself confused by John Sterling. Though I never found out what Festeris was, or discovered exactly what the Yankees Robinson talisman decodes, I feel I'm on the cusp of a discovery of similar proportions to discovering it was ME who couldn't predict baseball.

Anyway, today the bases were loaded and John said they were FOB - Full Of Bombers. He's said this many times before, but it was only today I thought... If they had bombed anything, how could they be on base? By definition, shouldn't they be rounding third right now if any of them were bombers? No, John, the bases are full of Singles HITters.

Someone prove me wrong.