Monday, July 21, 2014

The CC Sabathia Fairy Tale

The good news filtered out slowly rom the CC Sabathia medical team.  Then, the man himself took center stage and regailed us with his joy.

He would have normal knee surgery, just costing him ( and the Yankees ) the 2014 season.  I'm not going to wax on about he could have saved us a lot of trouble by noting the problem in spring training, and having the surgery then.

No.  Like so many of these prima donnas, he had to valiantly, and uselessly, soldier on well into the year.  Then, the string of lousy starts, the MPH's off of his fastball, the inevitable" tweak," the trip to Alabama for a conference with Dr. Andrews, the bull shit shot of something into the knee ( magic potion?) and, finally, the announcement that he would have knee surgery knocking him out for the remainder of 2014, and some of 2015.

Here is the Fairy Tale:  "  Thank God I don't have to have micro-fracture repair of my knee, which could knock me out until 2016, or worse."

Yes you will.

It will come after the endless rehab stories on your recovery from this surgery.  After the progression from soft-tossing, to pitching from a  mound.  Then, a few innings in Tampa against high school kids.

In June or July, we'll hear of a few innings pitched in Trenton.  The results won't be good but, as long as the knee holds up, no one will be concerned about the statistics.  Finally, CC arrives at the stadium.

CC then has a mediocre first start in front of 50,000 fans who gathered for the bobble head promotion, and gives up 5 runs ( 4 earned ) in 5 innings.  But comes out of it feeling good.  His fastball topped at 92-93.  But the knee did not flare up.  He is glowing in the locker room interview with Kim what's her name.

HIs next start might even be better.  After that, however, he is lifted in the third inning.

The micro-fracture is back.  Career-ending surgery looms, though no one speaks of that as a given.  Meanwhile, the Yankee's starting rotation is screwed up again.

My message;  all CC has done is figure out a way to postpone the inevitable, and pretend he will be coming back in great form.

He is done.

And it will happen exactly as I portrayed it.

Make book on it.

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