Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sign of Yankee Apocalypse No. 354: Last night, after an RBI single, jubilant John Sterling gave Jeter an "EL CAP-I-TAN!"

It has finally come to this: Last night, in the frenzy of this 2014 pennant race, The Master bestowed his Jeter Yankee Yelp - a moment normally saved for HR calls - on a RBI base hit.

That's right. A full-bodied "El Cap-i-TANNNNNN!" to commemorate a single.

Honestly, I cannot blame John. Since Jeter arrived, The Master has called every Jeterian at bat, every Jeterian base hit, every Jeterian home run - and he's never been a slugger. From now on, any Jeter home run could turn out to be his last. Truth be told, if he pulls a quad or breaks down in August, he might never hit another one. Why wait?

Still, are we seeing inflation in our Yankee Yelps? If it's given out for lesser moments, will the currency lose its value?

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