Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Yankiverse is a dark dungeon of hopelessness

I never put stock in polls, unless they reflect my own opinions. This one sure does.

Two out of three IT IS HIGH responders don't expect to see a Yankee World Championship within the next three years. In their opinion, by the time we next win a ring, Mark Teixeira will be a distant memory, Dellin Betances will be at least 32, and Carlos Beltran - oh, hell, we'll probably still have him, after resigning him to a 10-year contract. You can't kill the bogeyman.

From now on, maybe we should simply follow the two Yankee teams in the Gulf Coast League. I love the creativity in names: "Yankees 1" and "Yankees 2."


Ken of Brooklyn said...

And when I voted 2017-2020, I thought I was being an optimist, LOL!!!!!!!

Mister D said...

Note that over 70% said we will win by 2020.