Thursday, July 31, 2014


Brett... a-ah
Savior of the Yankee Universe
Brett... a-ah
He'll save every one of us

(Seemingly there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactical upsets)
(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)
(What's happening Flash?)
(Only Doctor Chris Ahmad, of Columbia, can provide any explanation)

Brett... a-ah
He's a miracle

(This morning's unprecedented 5.5 games back is no cause for alarm)

King of the impossible

He's for every one of us
Stand for every one of us
He saves

with a mighty swing


Anonymous said...

What. Is. This?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding, John M. Keep 'em coming!

KD said...

Sung to the tune of??? I need to study up on Freddy Mercury...

Mustang said...

Sung to the tune of Flash Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Sung to the tune of Idiots Delight

Anonymous said...

A great example for those that doubted your worth. Bravo!
Anonymous 3

Anonymous said...

I hope Brett Gardner finds you in the street and all 5'3" of him and his 'big head' (apparently) whoop yo' ass, fool.

Anonymi 7

KD said...

If Bret were to meet John M, a true bromance would commence, not a beatdown.

John M: I admire your imagination and courage. I really do.

Anonymous said...

Hey KD - if John M jumped off the Tappen Zee bridge - would you as well? Would you applaud his 'creativity' and 'intelligence' then as well?

Anonymous said...

Dear John
From a length and tone perspective, your submissions tend to create a distraction from the ( usually ) pithy, concise, biting and focused nature of the blog.

KD said...

I decided to revisit this post for some odd reason. WTF? anonymouse writing about John M jumping off a bridge? what kind of question is that?

OF COURSE I'd follow John M off the V Narrows or Tappan Zee or GWB, or whatever. I'd figure it's only some new JuJu technique and I'm a follower, dude. A FOLLOWER!!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I decided to revisit this too, just to get a quick refresher on the nastiness of a typical anonymi comment section,,,