Tuesday, July 29, 2014

For the Cuban OF Rusney Castillo, the Yankees will have to outbid Boston

Five teams will take private stool samples of the so-called "Brett Gardner with power." (Which, in lieu of Gardy's HRs lately, takes on new meaning.)

The five teams: Yankees, Orioles, Astros, Phillies, Redsocks.

No reason in this frickin world why we can't outbid Baltimore, Houston and Philly - even if they pooled their money. But Boston - damn - they have been building a war chest, without debt, without long-term liabilities. They have plenty of money, plus, this is when dumping a high-priced bum at the deadline - a Peavy, for example - could embolden them to bid higher than usual. (John Henry could decide to screw the Liverpool soccer team.)

This is also when assuming the bloated contracts of a John Danks or a Cliff Lee could deter the Yankees from flinging millions at a workout video.

Another crossroads, folks.

Over the last five years, the Evil Emp has let a gusher of international talent flow by the wayside, without laying down a card. They ignored Cespedes, Puig, Chapman, Darvish, and a host of others - preferring to go cheap, signing the Adonis Garcias, the Ronnier Mustelliers, and the Vidal Nunos. Only this year did they go full bore after Tanaka, but was it because they knew the roof was about to collapse? Considering Tanaka's elbow, we must wonder: Did Hal think winning the bidding war was worth it?

Aint my money. I say spend it. Who knows what Castillo might bring? Worst case scenario: He doesn't look at Triple A, and they dish him off next winter for a prospect. This is a purchase that would not affect the Yankees' luxury tax. It's a loophole that soon will be closed. If we don't use it, Boston will.

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