Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yanks To Replace Word "Bullpen" With "Sieve," Win Anyway

7 runs in 3 innings. Two off D-Rob, who got the S, which was in actuality a WTF.

We put up 12 runs. This means, theoretically, we will be shut out for the next 5 games, having used up our two-per-game limit for the next week or so.

Brett Gardner (pictured without helmet), power hitter. Tex, power hitter. Only eight weeks to go and our ace is Brandon McGillicutty. Yeah, that's a good sign.

The Rangers are terrible this year and we came as close as humanly possible to blowing a 10-4 lead late in the game.

In the negative run differential derby, the Yankees hold a comfortable lead with -27, easily besting Miami (.500 and -17) and KC (-2, .505). Unless we somehow plug the sieve or begin scoring 12 runs with regularity, we might have a shot at this. Time will tell.

Boston is in last place. The Schadenfreude isn't as satisfying as it should be. Though it's not bad.

The one-game playoff is within our feeble grasp, but feels as secure as the snow globe held by Charles Foster Kane on his deathbed before he whispered, "Tanaka."


Alphonso said...

Sadly, this near debacle translates to
Cashman as: " we need more pitching."

"If I go get Cliff Lee I'll be a hero, even if I have to mortgage the meagerly producing farm. Even if we don't eat well again during the great depression of our future, I can secure a one game play-in, wild-card spot."

"That should quiet all these irritated, and irritating fans."

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Last night was the worst win of the season,,,,

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Deleting comments? This blog has sunk to a new low

Anonymous said...

Why don't you delete the blogpost?
Anonymous 4

Anonymous said...

Amen #4. I mean seriously, if you, I and the other 3 Anonymi just stop reading posts, commenting and even frequenting the site at all -- the readership will be cut in half....

John M must GO!

(Down on El Duque, is that why he's still allowed here?)

Anonymi 7