Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for July 24, 2004


Local Bargain Jerk said...

This picture has always bothered me.

A lot.

It bothers me because Boston fans are assholes and refuse to concede the point that if Varitek was a real tough guy, he would have taken his mask off before socking ARod in the jaw.

It bothers me because, during the game -- which I was watching in New England -- the Red Sox' father-of-a-murderer play-by-play announcer, Jerry Remy, made an impassioned, looking-down-his-nose commentary about ARod and Yankee fans, that effectively said, "What, he was supposed to remember to take off his mask in the middle of a fight? I mean, c'mon, what do those New Yorkers want?"

(I still seethe with rage when I even think about it.)

It bothers me, mostly, however, because it made it plain that ARod has never played a single down of organized football.

There's an unwritten rule on the football field that, if you have your helmet off, and a guy wearing his helmet takes a swing at you, you are WELL within your rights to grab his helmet by the face mask and twist if off his fucking girly-boy head before continuing the fight. If his head happens to snap off at his neck, well that's the risk he took when he took such a cowardly, hiding-behind-his-facemask punch at you.

It bothers me A GREAT DEAL that ARod just stood there and took it, and didn't use the inherent leverage you have over an asshole like that, and didn't twist that douchbag Varitek's head clean off his pencil-thin neck.

Did I mention that this photo bothers me?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it pisses me off too. At the time, I thought we had some tough guys of our own, including Gary Sheffield. Now Sheffield did issue a vague threat the next day along the lines of " they better not do this again 'cause next time will be different " but nobody paid it any mind. Arod was no weakling so I don't understand why he didn't just knock his mask off and wrestle that asshole to the ground.