Monday, July 14, 2014

Come on, Retrieval Empire: Do the right thing... SIGN CHIEN-MING WANG!

They say he's headed to the White Sox.
This is crazy. At the least, Wang should end his career in Pinstripes.
We're actually preferring Jeff Francis?
Hello, (tap tap), is anybody in there?
This man deserves to come home.


KD said...

Meh. this guy is way past his expiration date. give him a one-day contract (like Matsui) and let him retire a Yankee.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I was half listening to the game the other night and found myself mistakenly rooting for the other team,,,,, I didn't recognize the name of the Yankee hitter, LOL, but then realized, I don't 'recognize' this team!

Our endless bummer of a Summer continues!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

So why not do one right thing and sign him to a one day contract!

Anonymous said...

A rotation spot may be too much, but he is worthy of a serious look. Cashman let go of him last year, indicating that Wang needs to pitching breaking stuff more. He did not listen until he was bombed in Blue Jays and sent to Buffalo Bisons. Since then, he had been working hard on his offspeed and breaking balls.

CMW and Jeff Francis were both in the Reds organization this past spring pitching from the bullpen. Guess who had a better ERA? Wang, 3.38; Francis, 6.35.

Check the facts before you comment.