Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yanks to Groundkeepers:

Last night in the Bronx:

Seven years ago in Denver: 
As a violent thunderstorm rolled in from the mountains after the sixth inning, the tarp suddenly enveloped and covered three members of the Rockies' grounds crew, snarling them underneath. Immediately, almost every available Phillies starter, position player and coach in the dugout scrambled to their aid.  
Mind you, they were the visiting team, although one Rockies player--LaTroy Hawkins--pitched in as well.

What do you think of that story, elderly gentleman who last night rushed to help the Yankee Stadium groundskeepers?


KD said...

Old guys love to tinker with and drive around in carts. It's nice for the Yanks to offer an alternative to the local county golf course.

Mustang said...

That old guy hobbled out of his cart and helped pull the tarp. Other old guys, like Derek Jeter, sat and watched.

KD said...

If he helped, he'll get fined for it. we can't have our new scrapheap pickups getting hurt before their fist plate appearance.