Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There Are A Thousand Reasons To Hate The All Star Break

This is the worst week of the year.  Here are a few of the 1000 reasons:

1.  There is no baseball
2.  For Yankee fans, there  is no baseball until Friday, for Cripes' sake.
3.  The NBA has finished it's games until they start practicing again in about a week.
4.  Same for the NHL
5.  The World Cup is over.
6.  The NFL doesn't start until July 21, and that is " media day."
7.  Belmont finished its spring season this past weekend, and won't re-open until the Fall.
8.  Saratoga doesn't start until Friday.
9.  We are supposed to watch a bunch of clowns ruining their swings on Monday's HR contest?
10.  No one cares about the game tonight nor the two day rest period, which follows.
11.  The Yankees still have too much time to further erode our future, by trading prospects for faded glory.
12.  No one is protesting in the streets to oust Cashman.
13.  In the absence of games, we are given extra time to reflect on how badly the Yankees suck, and how bleak is the Yankees' future.

There is nothing to watch.  I think even pretend wresting is on holiday.  Do they have an all star fake match?

I walked into a bar today and Jeopardy was on TV.

I hate this week.

 Every year.

What are we supposed to do?


joe de pastry said...

#5 is a GOOD thing.

Jerry said...


To make it through the AS break, read the following evocation of the days when the Yankees were the Yankees:


Local Bargain Jerk said...


Sit down and read Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It". The movie is pure Hollywood. The book is pure gold.

ceeja said...

Come on, its the All Star game. Remember how the National League condescended the American League and beat the crap out of us every year? Remember Sparky Anderson saying not to embarass Mr. Munson by comparing him the Mr. Bench? All that holier than thou b.s. about how they are the true league because the ninth hitter in the lineup wears a dress to the batter's box whereas we have the (gasp) DH?

Don't you want to beat those National League bastards to a pulp?

I do. Feel the hate.

Tom said...

BENCHWARMERS, that's what I'll be watching tonight!

JM said...

Hey, Joe D, the World Cup was the best couple weeks of sports I had this year. Here's a tip, though...if you really want to enjoy it, marry a German gal and watch it surrounded by expat Germans you're drinking gallons of beer with. It gets a lot more interesting that way.

Nard Glimrod said...

Ok, John M. Now it's all getting clearer.

Please note that German women have long masses of hair in their armpits -- which they braid -- and they shave the sides of their menfolk's heads. Thus unencumbered, the German men pour over their borders every twenty years or so and kill a lot of French. The German women then clean, gut, and cure the French and serve them with cabbage.

Remember that witch on Bugs Bunny who was the centerpiece of the Hansel and Gretel story? She's not a cartoon; she's a typical German woman.

No wonder why you litter this blog with so much gunk.


Anonymous said...

Can John M. get his German pals to pay reparations to the viewers of this blog for reading his gunk?

Anonymous said...

John M is terrible at everything it appears. Writing. Choosing a woman. And so much more.

KD said...

German gals are hot, albeit a little hairy, tis true.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Classless is attacking a Guy's wife using nationalistic stereotypes> the ultimate 'gunk' is this kind of bullshit.