Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Now I'm confused

Are we in this race, or are we out of it?

I'd be good with the Yankees trading veterans and working toward next year. But we recently traded kids for Chase Headley and Martin Prado. So now, just when he's started to pitch decently, we're dumping Thornton and thinking of 2015?


Not Anonymous said...

This is a great move! Thornton has not been great, is way too old, is owed too much money this year and next, and we just drafted a lefty (lindgren) who is striking out EVERYBODY in the minors and has been repeatedly said to be likely to be the first pitcher to reach the majors of anybody drafted this year.

Thornton was a bad contract for this team and I am shocked we managed to ditch it so easily.

Not Anonymous said...

Wow I just read he's struck out 4 guys in an inning twice already.

gonna just blame bad minor league catching.

Chris said...

el duque--let me clear up your confusion one and for all--the Yankees are out of the race, if by that you mean a race for a 2014 championship. The only race they're in is a race to the bottom.

Some days you channel Alphonso, other days Hank Steinbrenner--signs of multiple-personality disorder.

Tex Message said...

New call for Martin Prado:

Martin is keen! The Prado of the Yankees!