Friday, August 8, 2014

Ptttuuii: Some tart puts on a Yankee cap, and we're supposed to care?

I don't know who Kate Upton thinks she is. Last I heard, she was the Monday Blue Plate Special for Mr. Justin Verlander, a Detroit Tiger, which means she's nothing to me, nothing. 

Frankly, I couldn't care less about her billing and cooing, preening and sashaying, her perky-twerky ways and how she smiles in front of a camera. We at IT IS HIGH want NO PART of adding to her sad, flimsy, fantasy photograph world. It's pathetic, the things little girls do to attract attention to themselves.

Still, somebody told me - can't remember who - that the girl is obsessed with gaining IT IS HIGH's approval, by dressing up in Yankee swag. She knows how much we love seeing the Yankee cap on display. Thus, she has released a new picture of herself, attempting to steal legitimacy from the Yankee domain.

Generally, we'd laugh at such antics, if they weren't so sad and hopless.

Well, every dog has her day. On that note, let's throw the poor girl a bone. Here, Kate. We'll put your little Yankee cap picture in our newspaper. But we know you're thinking about Justin. Just know this: When we're looking at you, we're thinking of Hiroki Kuroda.


Celerino Sanchez said...

I've stared at this photo for ten minutes.. What Yankee cap?

Cupid said...

Introduce her to Jeter.