Friday, August 1, 2014

Short term analysis: Yesterday, the Yankees probably improved more than any other team chasing the vaunted last Wild Card slot

Seattle shuffled the deck, but I'm not sure how much they improved. Everyone else basically stood pat.

As for the Yankee improvements, it's hard to imagine us not improving 2B and RF.

Trouble is, when you compare how the Evils improved with the acquisitions made by the As or Tigers, it's like comparing Earth with Mars. (And we are Mars.)

Still... maybe I've been too tough on Cashman. He didn't give up the store for John Danks or Cliff Lee, or anybody. Small, incremental improvements.


Alphonso said...

Are you eating mushrooms? Too hard on Cashman?

Like everyone else, I see liver-lillied obeisance, as though he were royalty. Personally, I would have brought out the head chopper on day 1.

We snared a .177 hitting, $14 million shortstop who is a free agent once the Yankee season ends ( early, by the way.) Worse, we are going to have him play second base which is not his natural position.

What an upgrade.

Then, a clown who hits nothing and has no power, to make sure no young Yankee gets a shot in the outfield or the infield. Isn't non hitting versatility great?

True, he failed to trade away all of our young
talent ( only one of 3 from our hall-of-fame fathers in waiting pool ), but there is always the off-season.

You watch; over the winter; more old guys with big names and bigger contracts. Instead of average age 38+, he'll focus on 37.

He is killing us. Don't you see?

Alphonso said...

"Catchers in waiting is the phrase," not fathers in waiting.

Though that is probably true as well.

I should not blog when I am shit-faced.

Mustang said...

You should blog only when you're shitfaced. We all should.

Trent said...

Exactly, Alphonso. I defy duque to specify one measurable or even subjective criterion by which these moves constitute an improvement. And he DID give up the organization's best power-hitting prospect and one of its good young arms for GARBAGE.

Seems like duque has dived headlong into the vat of Kool-Aid.

el duque said...

I only blog when shit-faced.