Thursday, July 16, 2015

Annual drunk blog (continued): If he stayed a Yankee, David Robertson wouldn't be called Houdinii any more

We'd call him El Chapo, because he always escapes.

If we teamed him with Andrew Miller, we would have had "Matt and Sweat."


Leinstery said...

Robertson was terrible. Lifetime save percentage under 80%. No thanks, get the fuck off my team. Never mind the fact that in the times he didn't blow the save he always gave up no less than two hits and sometimes a run. I hated every moment he as in. Please Michael Kay, tell me again how his stride is so long that his 90mph fastball appears to be 92mph to hitters.

Chicken Stanley said...

To be fair, D.Rob only had a total of 18 save opportunities in his first 6 seasons. In the last 2, he's had a total of 67 opportunities and has converted 58 of them, or 87%.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Feel the hate!